Frequently Asked Questions

Everything you need to know to plan and enjoy your trip at Rustic River Cabins.

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What time is check-in and check-out?

Check-in is at 3:00 p.m.
Check-out is at 10:00 a.m.

What if I can’t make it at 3:00 p.m. for check-in?

We want your check-in experience to be convenient. If you are unable to arrive by 3:00, your key will be in the cabin door and ready for you to start your vacation.

James and Jeanine live on the property and in most cases, will greet you when you arrive. If you are arriving after dark, you will find your porch light, as well as a light inside your cabin, turned on.

Do I need to bring sheets or towels?

No, we provide sheets, towels for the bathroom, and toilet paper.

The cabins with a sleeper sofa have an extra set of white sheets and a pillow so you can make it up for bedtime.

Are the cabins on the river?

Yes, the cabins are on the Big Thompson River. All the cabins are about 20 feet from the river.

I made a reservation and I have only been charged for one night, does that mean I don’t have to show up?

If you make a reservation, you are 100% responsible for that reservation. At time of reservation a one-night NON-REFUNDABLE deposit will be charged to the credit card you provide. If you do not call/do not show up, you will be charged 100% of the remaining reservation, and a $25.00 fee.

This charge will occur one day after you do not show up for your original reservation. If the credit card is declined, you will receive a letter from our lawyer asking for payment.

You have entered into a contract with Rustic River Cabins once you make a reservation. We do not double book or move you to a different cabin and we ask for the same respect from our guests.

I use two pillows to sleep on; how many pillows are on the bed?

We provide four pillows on each of the beds. If you like to sleep with two pillows, take one of the pillows out of the sham and put on the pillowcase provided.

I only want to stay one night, can I do that?

We have a two-night minimum stay for all cabins.

Is there smoking on the property?

We allow smoking OUTSIDE ONLY. Per state law you are not allowed to smoke anything inside of our cabins. However, each cabin does have an ashtray in your private outdoor space. We also have a few ashtrays around the property at tables and decks.

We clean the ashtrays every single day you leave your cabin, and maintain the ones around the property. Smoking is not allowed in the bathrooms even with the fan on, nor can you smoke inside if the fire place is being used.

Those are all against the law in Colorado and a minimum fine of $400.00 will be applied to your credit card at time of check-out without warning. We also ask that you please be respectful of your neighbors.

What is provided in the kitchen?

The kitchens are stocked with the basic necessities: plates, glasses (both plastic and glass), coffee mugs, pots and pans, silverware, large bowls, measuring cups, large spoons, knives, spatulas, bottle opener, and grilling utensils.

We also provide dish washing soap for you to clean the dishes and utensils that you use while staying in your cabin, paper towels and coffee.

What kind of appliances are in the kitchen?

Each kitchen provides a stove*, refrigerator, microwave, coffee maker and toaster. *Cabin #2 does not have a stove, but it does have a Precision Nuwave™ Induction Cook Top and a convection oven (large enough to cook a frozen pizza).

Do I need to bring paper towels or trash can liners?

No, we provide both paper towels and fresh trash can liners in all the cabins. Our cabins rely on a septic system, so please dispose of all food into the trash can and not down the sink.

Use the paper towels provided to remove food from plates, pots and pans before you wash them and then dispose the paper towels in the trash can.

Please do not use the paper towels to start a fire in the fireplace; doing so can create an unsafe, smoky mess inside your cabin. There is a dumpster at the front of the property for you to dispose trash; when you check-out, please remove the trash liners from the kitchen and bathroom trash cans and place bags of trash inside the dumpster.

Where can I park?

Parking is on the right side of the cabin you are renting. The spot may look tight, but most cars and trucks will fit. If you have two cars, we have two extra spaces near the front of the property, available Tuesday afternoons through Monday afternoons.

The trash is picked up every Tuesday morning, so please make sure you are not parked in front of the dumpster on Monday night.

What is the history of Rustic River Cabins?
What are the Service Dog Laws in Colorado?

For all the rules, regulations, and details please visit the Disability Law Colorado Resource Guide on Service & Assistance Animals. 

I am bringing my dog with me; can I keep my dog in the cabin when I am not there?

Yes; you must bring a kennel with you so you can leave your dog for short periods of time. We do not want to disturb the other guests with barking dogs while you are away from your cabin.

The $35.00 pet fee does not include replacement of chewed on, scratched on, or urinated on furniture or carpet. If your dog is a chewer, please don’t leave them unattended.

You will find a “dog basket” in your cabin. It contains a sheet to put where your dog likes to sleep, a towel to wipe off dirty paws from playing in the river, and small trash bags for poop pick up. There is plenty of space at Rustic River Cabins for your dog to do his or her duty, but if your dog needs to run, Estes Park has a dog park. It is about 4 miles from Rustic River Cabins and we are happy to give you directions.

We do have 16 acres of wildlife trails, but you will want to make sure you have your hiking boots on to take your dog for a long walk. If you change cabins within your stay, you will be charged the same pet fee for moving to that cabin.

You are responsible for cleaning up after your pet so please don’t forget the baggies.

My dog is very well behaved; do I need to keep them on a leash?

We love our guests and their pets so please keep your pets on a leash. We are right on Highway 34, which is a very busy road and people drive very fast.

The leash is also a good idea as we sometimes have other guests and their children who may not be comfortable around dogs.

We want all of our guests to feel comfortable walking the property and enjoying the gardens and the river.

I am not familiar with a septic system; what do I need to know?

The only paper product that should go into the septic system is the toilet paper provided in each cabin; do not flush paper towels, cotton balls, or even Kleenex tissues as those items will not dissolve.

Trash bags are provided in each bathroom for items you may normally dispose of down your toilet at home, such as condoms, personal wipes, tampons and other feminine products.

Wrap anything you don’t want people to see in toilet paper and put in the trash can.

“Those of us with septic tanks,
Would like to give a word of thanks,
For putting nothing in the pot,
That isn’t guaranteed to rot.
Kleenex is bad, cigarettes too,
Feminine products are taboo,
No hair combings please – use the basket.
There’s a very good reason why we ask it.
With your kind cooperation
We’ll keep our tank in operation!”

What should I do with cooking grease since it cannot go down the sink?

Each kitchen has a white container labeled “Grease” with a small bag inside for you to dispose of any cooking grease you may have. If you need a new bag, let James or Jeanine know.

Is there a grill provided?

Yes, we have charcoal grills at each cabin that are cleaned daily. You will need to bring your own charcoal. Please do not make a wood fire in the grills as they are provided only for cooking.

Is there a place provided for a campfire?

Yes, we have a fire ring at the end of the driveway. Most of the year, we will provide the firewood from fallen trees on the property.

Throughout the year, there may be Colorado state-mandated fire bans in effect; during those times, we will have a sign posted at the fire ring preventing any fires from being built.

Is the fireplace in the cabins a working fireplace?

Please bring your own firewood and kindling from home or you can purchase it in Estes Park.

All of the local grocery stores, gas stations, and big box stores sell firewood that is perfect for use in our cabins’ fireplaces. Please do not use the paper towels from the kitchen to start a fire in your cabin’s fireplace; doing so can create an unsafe, smoky mess inside your cabin. Please note that cabin 2, Bears Paw, no longer has a wood burning fireplace.

We are arriving in the winter; do you have heaters in the cabins?

Yes, we have heaters in each of the cabins. All of our cabins are now insulated, but they are older structures so please bring slippers and warm pajamas.

We have extra quilts in each cabin for the really cold nights.

What do I need to bring to enjoy the hot tub?

We provide white towels in the cabins for you when going to the hot tub.

Flip-flops or easy slip-on shoes are a very good idea so you don’t get any dirt in the hot tub.

A robe is also a nice idea if you have the space in your suitcase.

This is my first time visiting Colorado, what do I need to bring with me?

Sunglasses, sunscreen (all year round), Chap Stick, a good pair of hiking shoes and clothes you can layer.

The weather can change fast and can be different at various altitudes.

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